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Bugatti Centodieci - Dream Cars

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Bugatti Centodieci - Dream Cars
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Bugatti is back at Pebble Beach with yet another high-priced, high-horsepower hypercar – the Centodieci. That’s 110 in Italian for you monolinguals. The car is not only celebrating the 110 years since the company’s founding, but it’s also paying homage to its iconic 90s supercar the EB110, which, unsurprisingly, was built for Ettore Bugatti’s 110th birthday in 1991. Bugatti is limiting production to just 10 – dieci – with a starting price of €8 million ($ million at current rates) plus VAT. The Centodieci’s design is unmistakably that of other modern Bugatti’s, but it’s easy to spot the EB110’s influence. At the front, the Bugatti horseshoe is much smaller than on other current Bugatti offerings and its sports three-section air intakes, both mimicking the EB110. This moves the Bugatti badge from the grille to the hood. Bugatti’s C-shaped B pillar is gone, replaced by five diamond-shaped air inlets that feed the W16 engine, which, like the EB110, is visible beneath glass. The rear deviates from the EB110’s two-dimensional design with eight taillight elements, stacked exhaust pipes, and a performance diffuser. Bugatti’s W16 engine makes 1,600 horsepower (1,176 kilowatts) rocketing the Centodieci from 0-100 kph (0-62 mph) in seconds, 0-200 kph (0-124 mph) in seconds, and 0-300 kph (0-186 mph) in seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 380 kph (236 mph), which feels low for Bugatti. Helping performance is a reduction in weight – 20 kilograms (44 pounds). The automaker went as far as using a lightweight windshield wiper and filigree exterior mirrors to cut weight. While the Bugatti Centodieci is shown in white, a contrast to the sinister La Voiture Noire unveiled in March, according to Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann, customers can opt to get their Centodieci in the color of their choice. People paying millions of dollars for a next-level hypercar get a lot of choice in what they want.

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