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Get glowing skin this Wedding Season

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Wedding season??
No problem keep your skin intact with my simple skin care. Here I share with you the basic of my skin care. Because during the wedding season there is a lot of pressure on us to look our best but I tell you Skincare is not a one time thing it is a process and this simple process I had been following right from my childhood. Because I have seen my grandmother my mother doing this for ever. This three-step skincare has passed on to me from generations. A small trick is to use a product with nourishing ingredient like glycerine. I had always seen pears in my shower but never thought about it’s beneficial ingredient and it’s skin moisturising capacity. Now that I understand. I thought I have to share my personal 3 step beauty secret with you all. Cleansing with the right cleanser and a basic diy and moisturise.

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