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New Bride | Episode 27 | Turkish Drama (Urdu Dubbed)

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Yeni Gelin 7. Bölüm Özet
New Bride Episode 27

Süreç Film :

One is the Spanish beauty Bella, who grew up in Madrid in Milan, and the other is Hazar Aga, who grew up in the scorching sun of Cukurova and was kneaded in a tribe.

The New Bride describes the struggle of Bella and the Caspian love to take root in the exotic lands of Mesopotamia in Istanbul, where east and west meet. Although there are conflicts in this struggle, love is the essence and the basis.

Bella is a naïve young girl who speaks four languages, is well educated and has grown up with all kinds of art activities thanks to her mother. The Caspian, on the other hand, has taken the bravery of his native land and the heart of his heart, and has always opposed his impositions. These two opposite poles attract each other and come together. However, Bella's Spanish noble mother, retired ambassador henpecked father on one side, the Caspian tribal lord father and his three attractive wives on the other hand, while keeping their love and marriage will not be easy to live. When Bella thinks that she will be the princess and marry her prince, she becomes a new bride. While the Caspian fights the enemies of their love outside, Bella will struggle with the enemies inside. Even though the place of the Caspian is hell, it is heaven for Bella and she will have a smile that is not missing because of her biggest weapon.

Yapım: Süreç Film
Yönetmen: Ersoy Güler
Senaryo: Ersoy Güler

Oyuncu Kadrosu:
Bella: Jessica May
Hazar: Tolga Mendi
Asiye: Yonca Şahinbaş
Kalender: Mustafa Avkıran
Kağan: Dağhan Külegeç
Möhteber: Sema Keçik

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