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Dear fans of REBiRTH Festival,

Due to the recent developments in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Dutch government has decided to ban all major events until the 1st of June. Unfortunately, this also means that REBiRTH Festival cannot take place on 10, 11 and 12 April 2020.

We understand that this is a huge disappointment for you as visitors and fans from all around the world. We know you've been looking forward to the festival season kick-off at REBiRTH for months. After a year of preparation, this is also a huge deception for us as an organization.

It goes far beyond the disappointment of you as loyal fans, this also affects our artists, volunteers, employees, suppliers, and partners. You make our festival possible every year and without your involvement REBiRTH would not be REBiRTH.

We must investigate what this cancellation means in a practical sense. All ticket buyers will be informed by email as soon as possible, but no later than the 1st of May, 2020. We hope that we can celebrate the kick-off of the festival season next year once again, with you, during REBiRTH Festival.

We want to ask for your understanding. We need some time to find possibilities and solutions, all of our ticket buyers will receive an email before the 1st of May.

For more information and updates, we refer you to

“Out of the ashes of this pandemic, we hope to be reborn.”

Team REBiRTH Festival

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